July is Disability Pride Month at MPUSD

At MPUSD, we serve students with disabilities at all grade levels to ensure their academic success. We also strive to prepare them for success after their educational journey at our school district has come to an end.
This July, the theme for this year's Disability Pride Month is "We Want a Life Like Yours," according to The Arc's National Council of Self-Advocates. Click the link to learn more about this year's theme.
According to Duke University libraries, the Disability Pride Flag design stands for these elements:

Black Background: The black background epresents the solidarity of people with disabilities and serves as a reminder of the disability community's ongoing struggle against discrimination and marginalization.

Five Zigzag Lines: The zigzag pattern symbolizes diverse experiences and barriers faced by people with disabilities. The lines represent the different types of disabilities including physical, intellectual, psychiatric, neurological, and sensory.

Colors of the Lines:

Red: Physical disabilities
Gold: Neurodiversity
White: Invisible and undiagnosed disabilities
Blue: Psychiatric disabilities
Green: Sensory perception disabilities

Design as a Whole: Emphasizes the strength and resilience of people with disabilities. The zigzag shape illustrates how disabled people often have to navigate barriers in various aspects of their lives and celebrates the unity and diversity within the disability community.