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Attendance Information


Attendance Information

  • The attendance procedures are listed below. We ask that parents familiarize themselves with the procedures. Please remember that regular attendance is essential for your students’ learning is the basis for success. Students are expected to attend all classes as assigned.

    If your child is absent all day due to illness, dental or doctor appointments, etc., please send a signed note with your child, dial 831-583-2060 (press 2), or email the attendance office. Please make sure you give the following information:
    • Student’s first and last name
    • ID #
    • Dates of absence
    • Reason for absence
    • Caller’s full name and phone number, in case we need to contact the guardian/parent.
    • If sending a note, please provide both your signature and printed name.


If your child is late due to dental or doctor appointments... please send your child with the medical note, call or email the attendance office. Also, be specific with the start and end time of the doctor's appointment. A student should not miss a whole day of school to attend an appointment unless the doctor requires it.


    • Send a note, call, or email the Attendance Office (you may request a permit in advance).
    • Parents/guardians must be specific of the date, the reason, and time the student needs to leave campus.
    • The student may then pick up a “Permit to Be Absent” at the Attendance Office.

Failure to request a permit may result in the absence of becoming automatic truancy.


 If students are late to class due to a meeting with a counselor or other staff, it is the student's’ responsibility to request a note from the staff member and turn it into the attendance office.  If students are late to class for any other reason, they will be marked tardy.


 When a student does not feel well, the student should:

    • Report to class and request a pass from the teacher to go to the Nurse Office.
    • If the student needs to go home due to illness, the Nurse will contact a parent/guardian or emergency contact. The student will be given a “Permit To Be Absent” by the Nurse. Due to safety reasons, students are not allowed to contact parents from the classroom or by cell phone for pick up.
    • If a student is ill and NO ONE CAN BE REACHED, they may rest in the Nurse Office for a brief period or return to class.
    • If the Nurse is not available, students may go to the Attendance Office.

Under no circumstances should a student leave campus without permission. Marina High is a closed campus. Students must have a "Permit to be Absent." If your student goes off-campus without permission, he/she will be marked “CUT”. Too many “CUT’s” will result in truant.


Truant absences may result in loss of eligibility to participate in school activities.

Parents please be aware of the attendance procedures and understand that attendance is crucial for your students’ success in high school.