Career Technical Education (CTE) provides students and adults with the academic and technical skills, knowledge and training necessary to succeed in future careers and develop skills they will use throughout their careers.


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Exploration of Health   


This foundational course for MPUSD’s Health Science and Medical Technology industry sector will provide students with an opportunity to explore and understand personal wellness, the history of health professions, and the extensive range of career options within the healthcare industry. Students will achieve competency in medical terminology, fundamental human anatomy and physiology, medical asepsis, patient confidentiality, medical ethics, and the legal aspects of the healthcare industry with the overarching theme of personal health. Students will explore the use of several different types of instrumentation that is utilized in various medical settings. Students will retrieve and analyze copies of medical and clinical records. Students will explore the major career fields and be able to distinguish between entry-level, technical, and professional level positions within each area. The course may be used as a prerequisite or co-requisite course for nursing, direct patient care, and sports medicine. Exploration of Health Careers will support students as they develop communication and interpersonal skills for success. 

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Patient care


Patient Care and Personal Wellness is designed to integrate concepts and skills students are developing throughout the pathway for work in direct patient care settings. Students will practice medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology, patient intake procedures, vital signs, physical measurements, procedures to prepare patients for examinations. Integrated throughout the course are career preparation standards that include basic academic skills, interpersonal skills, problem-solving, safety, and technology. Worksite learning is an optional component of this course and is available to eligible students. Students will have the opportunity to become certified in Basic Life Support: CPR and A.E.D.