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Counseling Department


The Counseling Department supports student learning by helping students utilize appropriate resources to identify and develop their academic and career goals.

Marina High School Counseling services include:
The counseling team promotes the academic progress of students & reviews academic options:
  • Assisting in course selection & planning 
  • Monitoring & communicating graduation status 
  • Referring academic intervention programs 
  • Conducting meetings for academic counseling 
  • Referring students to tutoring 
  • Interpreting test results 
  • Promoting & assisting with Advanced Placement testing 
  • Referring student for academic testing 
  • Referring students for alternative placement 
The counseling team promotes career awareness and exploration:
  • Administering career exploration assessments 
  • Promoting electives in line with assessment results 
  • Promoting work experience, Assisting with post-secondary and career/life planning 
  • Assisting with college research and selection 
  • Providing information on scholarships & financial aid 
  • Writing letters of recommendation 
  • NCAA qualification and registration assistance 
  • Assist with the college application process 
  • Communicating college requirements 
  • College testing info & interpretation: PSAT, SAT I, ACT 
  • College App, Financial Aid, & Scholarship Workshops 


The counseling team provides opportunities & promotes resources for personal growth:

  • Promoting and supporting clubs and organizations 
  • Promoting and supporting of sports teams 
  • Classroom presentations 
  • Providing brief personal counseling 
  • Making referrals (drugs, alcohol, tobacco, crisis) 
  • Safe School Ambassadors 
  • School psychologist 




Ms. Araceli Canchola
Last Name starts with
A-LI Counselor
831-583-2060 ext 3793
Ms. Angela Olson
Last Name starts with LO-Z Counselor
831-583-2060 ext 3792
Mario Grau
College & Career Specialist
831-583-2060 ext 3783