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Visitor Guidelines

  • PARKING:  We have several visitor parking spots in the front office.  If those visitor spots are occupied, please park on the street (Patton Parkway). 
  • LEAVING SCHOOL: If you need to get your student out of school, it is much easier if you come to the front office or contact the office if the student(s) leave early.  For medical appointments, we request that you contact the school prior to 8:00 am on the day of the appointment.  Students returning from school must provide written doctors' notes to verify the absence. Attendance Phone: (831) 583-2060 ext. 3788.
  • DELIVERIES: We understand that students may forget things at home that they need for the day.  To support our students, we make deliveries in the main office.  The deliveries are restricted to items that are school-related, i.e. homework, presentations, PE clothing, etc.  We do not take the delivery of food. We can take balloons or flowers.
  • COUNSELING: Our counselors are very supportive of our students and are always available to meet with parents.  If you would like to meet with your student’s counselor, we request that you contact the counseling office to schedule an appointment.
  • VISITATION: We understand and encourage parent visitation during the school day. To help us keep our students safe from intruders if you come onto campus during the school day you must check-in at the front office to receive visitors pass.  Whether it is to visit your child or pay for a school activity, you must check-in.  Failure to do may result in you being asked to leave campus. *Please note: If you wish to sit in your students' classes during the day, this arrangement must be made through the teachers at least 24 hours in advance.